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Grand Cayman Weddings

The island of Grand Cayman offers something unique for every couple planning a destination wedding ceremony with its fun, fast-paced atmosphere and picture-perfect Caribbean beauty. The largest of the three Cayman Islands at 76 square miles, couples find countless venues ranging from quiet, intimate sun-soaked beaches to luxurious high-rise hotels, with spots perfect for accommodating romantic weddings of 2 or large parties of 100. Choose your location in paradise, then sit back and let the warm sea air, the crashing waves, and the laidback island atmosphere of the Caribbean welcome your destination wedding!

Due to its highly developed status with an economy based on tourism and finance, several areas of Grand Cayman offer modern, convenient accommodations juxtaposed with natural beauty -the best of both Caribbean worlds. Seven Mile Beach, one of the most popular locations in Grand Cayman, illustrates this perfectly. The soft sugar-white sand and calm waters stretch for miles to create stunning ocean views, while further back on the sand awaits a line of high-rise hotels, bars, restaurants, and modern conveniences. Seven Mile Beach provides serene days and action-packed nights, and creates an ideal location for a Grand Cayman destination wedding. Simply check into one of the luxurious nearby hotels and let the coordinators plan the details for you, and spend your time relaxing in the sun, in the spa, or sipping tropical drinks by the bar. The capital city of George Town also sits close to the area, ideal for sightseeing trips during your honeymoon! With the conveniences of Seven Mile Beach and its many hotels, couples can bring as large of a wedding party as they want, and never worry about transportation or comfort during their stay - every service you might need rests conveniently nearby. The hotels even make excellent destination wedding venues in of themselves, typically offering a variety of ceremony locations such as manicured grounds, romantic terraces, and elegant ballrooms. Work with the wedding coordinator and staff to breathe life into your dream wedding, staying as hands-on or off as you would like!

Of course, Seven Mile Beach represents only a small portion of Grand Cayman. Couples who prefer more seclusion may want to explore some of the other lovely beaches, such as Smith Cove, Cemetery Beach, or Water Cay. Stocked with fewer facilities (but also with more chances to steal moments alone!) these shores provide stunning backdrops in peaceful island settings. Many of these beaches rest close to villas, hotels, or other small accommodations, perfect for intimacy and a romantic honeymoon!

For a unique setting different from the typical beach ceremony, consider marrying in the lush Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park amidst the many flowers and trees, or at an elegant restaurant with views of the coast. For a little piece of island history, the Pedro St. James Castle combines education with stately beauty, the perfect island spot for exchanging vows.

No matter where you choose to hold your Grand Cayman destination wedding, rest assured that convenience and accessibility allow visitors to travel this island with ease. An abundance of services, ranging from coordination to catering to cake to music, rest at your disposal as you live the good life of the Cayman Islands. From the fast-paced hot-spot scene to calm and quiet reflections of nature's beauty, head to this popular island for the perfect Grand Cayman destination wedding!

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